Among the many why – list

Among the many why (1st part)

  • Why can legumes cause “belly” swelling?

  • Why were legumes called “the meat of the poor”?

  • Why associate pulses and cereals?

  • Why should the potatoes be consumed within 24 hours after boiling, even if kept in the fridge?

  • Why cook potatoes in a little water or steam?

  • Why eat boiled potatoes after cooling them?

  • Why do we need attention in the use of stevia?

  • Why no light drinks for children?

  • Why prefer fresh fruit to fruit juices?

  • Why change your intake of fruit?

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Among the many because (part 2)

  • Why is it useful to consume foods that contain isoflavones?

  • Why dress (without overdoing it) with extra virgin olive oil the salad?

  • Why prefer risotto with boiled rice?

  • Why is pasta al dente better?

  • Why is the belief that raw (brown) sugar is preferable to refined (white) sugar wrong?

  • Why is it better to boil carrots?

  • Why dress spinach with lemon juice?

  • Why does American coffee contain more caffeine than espresso or coffee brewed with mocha?

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Among the many why (3rd part)

  • Why is it not true that decaffeinated coffee is bad for used chemical solvents?

  • Why do prunes, fresh or dried, have a laxative effect?

  • Why eat the apple with the peel?

  • Why is it useful to drink 2 liters of water per day on average calcium (in the bottle or from the tap)?

  • Why is it recommended to eat apples in cases of diarrhea?

  • Why prefer mackerel to canned tuna?

  • Why shouldn’t we demonize eggs?

  • Why is canned tuna considered safer?

  • Why should pregnant or lactating women avoid eating large fish (over 50 kg)?

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Among the many why (4th part)

  • Why not believe that the calcium in water is responsible for the formation of urinary stones?

  • Why does the World Fund for Cancer Research suggest avoiding preserved meat and cured meats?

  • Why prefer fresh and lean cheeses to seasoned cheeses?

  • Why prefer extra virgin olive oil with butter, especially for fries?

  • Why does butter have a low smoke point?

  • Why is the content of the book “The China study” considered unreliable by the scientific community?

  • Why continue to take milk and dairy products?

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Among the many why (5th part)

  • Why isn’t seed oil lighter than olive oil?

  • Why is it useful to eat fresh fruit with meals?

  • Why is it dangerous to take energy drinks (ED) and alcohol together?

  • Why doesn’t red wine “make good blood”?

  • Why is spaghetti (or pasta in general) with sauce a healthy dish?

  • Why purify and detoxify, in common language, represent a false problem?

  • Why does chewing gum long and often cause gastric and / or intestinal disorders?

  • Why should fats (lipids) not lack in our diet?

  • Why are artichokes a “manna” for the microbiome?

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Among the many why (6th part)

  • Why use basil seedlings higher than 16 cm. to prepare pesto alla genovese?

  • Why do we need to be careful when using fennel teas?

  • Why does chewing gum containing xylitol promote oral hygiene?

  • Why does coffee increase cholesterol depending on the preparation method?

  • Why are eggs, even if they contain cholesterol, not to be avoided in nutrition?

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